Thursday, 11 June 2015

Pre-holiday classroom activities

Summer holidays are coming and aren't we all glad! The problem is, what to do with your students once the grades are more or less what they are, the weather is hot and everyone is already day-dreaming about those carefree summer days about to come. I've prepared a list of activities I use during these days, I hope any of this comes in handy. :)

  • If you have a chance, go outside and play! Especially with young learners. Looking for ideas? Try here and here.
  • Work on writing skills and write holiday postcards.
  • Act out stories. You may let your students choose their story and their props. They could even prepare in advance and then act out their stories in front od their classmates. It's amazing what happens when you occasionally let them be their own bosses - their creativity seems to be endless!
The Magic Porridge Pot: overflowing porridge prop

The Three Little Pigs: house props

  • Play games: board games (perhaps something like this), Truth or Dare, Room 101, Activity (prepare word cards with all-year-round vocabulary which students then either have to demonstrate with charades, describe or draw) ...
  • Ask the students to make their own quizzes, crossword puzzles, word searches, comics on the topic of summer and then put their work together and make a nice summer magazine.
  • Sing campfire songs! My (and my students') two absolute favourites:



  • Have a small goodbye party with music, games and chatting.
Do add your own ideas in the comment section! Let's make these few last days as fun and useful as possible and I promise, summer holidays will be here in no time. ;)

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