Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Primary school subjects, part 2

In this post I'll cover ZGUČAN Art and P. E. courses. You can read my reviews of other primary school subject courses in this post.
  • ART (LUM)

    We discussed the syllabus and the methodology. The first you can find online and the second is pretty much the same as with any other subject (motivation, attitude, lesson planning, Piaget etc.) so I won't go into that much. There were some fairly important points I'd like to address, though.

    • Firstly, when you use Art for your CLIL lessons, what you have to take into account is the age of the children you teach and, consequently, their stages of development in art. You cannot expect them to deliver something they are not yet capable of.
    • When choosing a theme for their art work, show them the real thing if possible. Alternatively, show a photograph or a piece of acknowledged artwork with the same theme. By all means avoid showing colourful pictures of questionable artistic value. This also applies to other ways of teaching: use photographs instead of colourful flashcards whenever possible.
    • Never draw to show a child how to draw something because it kills creativity. Instead, help him observe the theme he's drawing: What has a cat got? A head? What shape? A circle? OK, draw a circle. What's on its head? Ears? OK, how many? Two? Small or big? Good, let's add two ears etc.

  • Physical education (ŠPO)
    Again, syllabus and methodology. Some practical work but I can't really say I remember much of it, unfortunately. We did cover some games that could fit into frames of P. E., so here are some interesting games you can use in your CLIL P. E. lessons (you probably know most of them already, though):

I hope this comes in handy. Now I only have a few more ZGUČAN courses to cover and I'm done. :)

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