Sunday, 2 October 2016

Hello, Robby Rabbit!

I used to teach English at Pionirski dom and back then, young learners were my speciality. My youngest were ages 4 and 5. We did lots of independent language learning activities, but the courses at Pionirski dom did require coursebooks. The coursebook we used for age groups 4 and 6 were Hello, Robby Rabbit 1 and 2 by Carol Read and Ana Soberon. Personally, I tried not to put too much emphasis on coursebook work with my young learners (or any learners, for that matter), but I have to admit their other course materials such as storycards, flashcards, DVDs etc. were very valuable. However, they also seemed to be quite pricey ... Till now. Macmillam has decided to put their storycards and flashcards online. All you need now is some time, a printer and a laminator. Because we all know there is no such thing as too many stories! And even though this course was originally published for preschoolers, I find that the stories from the course are just as suitable for first or second graders as well.

Hello Robby Rabbit 1 stories: Hello, Robby Rabbit (emphasis on: intro, colours). Hickory Dickory Dock (counting), Buzz Buzz Buzz (face), I Like Bananas (food), Where's My Teddy Bear? (furniture), Five Little Green Frogs (counting)

Hello Robby Rabbit 2 stories: Robby's Birthday (birthday), Humpty Dumpty (clothes), The Little Train (farm animals/colours), Hurry Up, Gemma (morning routine), The Sun and the Cloud (weather), Old Macdonald's Farm (farm animals)

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