Sunday, 30 October 2016

Halloween in my classroom

Once again, it's one of my favourite festivals of the year: Halloween! Here's what we did for Halloween with my young learners:

I recycled my last year's Halloween lesson with my first graders. As they say, don't fix it if it ain't broken! And yet again, the lesson turned out perfect. Here are some photos of this year's Halloween party from our school's website: CLICK

As my second graders had already enjoyed the privilege of the lesson above last year, we changed things a bit. Of course, we kept the trick-or-treating part. But before trick or treating, I told them the Dark Dark Wood story to set the mood. Then we sang the Knock Knock, Trick or Treat song: 

After that
 we had a Maths activity in the form of a pumpkin puzzle with additions and subtractions. I got the idea from the Angleščina v 1. triletju Facebook group - thank you!

I also used the Dark Dark Wood story for my fourth graders as I believe creating the right atmosphere for Halloween is key. Then we did some great activities I found on Bogglesworld. And finally, I took them trick-or-treating around classrooms as well. You think fourth graders find that too childish? Well, think again! In fact, my older students resented me a bit for not taking THEM trick-or-treating too!

Oh, and did I mention we did all of these classroom activities with spooky Halloween music in the background? 

I did do some Halloween themed activities with my older students as well. As it turns out, Slovenians are widely misinformed about Halloween - and regretfully, so are some of the teachers. No, it's not a silly modern American invention. There are plenty of very educational articles and videos available online - here's one. Add a reading/listening comprehension exercise and some vocabulary and you've got yourself a perfect Halloween lesson for teenagers. And not to leave them empty handed, I gave them Halloween candy once they finished with the worksheets.

So another Halloween has gone by ... But we are already looking forward to Christmas!

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