Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Student teachers in my classroom

I've recently had a group of students from the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana in my classroom. It was a part of their lesson observation practice and they were observing two of my lessons (grades 4 and 9). This was the first time I was being observed by students but luckily, I'm used to being observed because of the ZGUČAN programme and also, since I've been doing my own lesson observations for that programme, I knew what the focus of these observation is (sample classroom observation form) and it was much easier for me to prepare. However, I'm about to be finished with the programme (finally!) and in the coming years, those English students and their mentor might become my only source of feedback other than my students. I mean, yes, there's also peer observation, but I think we all know how much of that really goes on at schools. Anyway, I think having student teachers in your classroom is a valuable experience you should not turn down if given the opportunity. They aren't the only ones learning from it. Also, by hosting three lesson observations you get a point for promotion to titles. 

And have I mentioned that the students teachers and their mentor Urška Sešek, PhD have been extremely nice and supportive? :)

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