Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Shrove Tuesday

Mmm ... It's Shrove Tuesday again. Time to put on our costumes (yet again! Yay, the perks of being a teacher), eat some more delicious food (not that I need a special reason for that) and have some more fun and engaging lessons in my classroom. 

Here are some Shrove Tuesday activities from my classroom (grades 1 - 9).

Paper doll dress up

Playway to English 1 activities - my students don't have their own textbooks, so I project the materials on my smartboard.

Peppa Pig: Fancy Dress Party (Youtube video)

Mary Glasgow Plus: Pancake Day and Valentine's Day (Culture Crew video & activities)

British Council Teens: Pancake Day (reading comprehension & interactive exercises)

Aaaand a very hungry teacher with a doughnut at the end of the school day. I ate five. Yes, five. No wonder Shrove Tuesday is also called Fat Tuesday.

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