Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Some YL activities from my classroom

Hey there. It's been a while since I posted any updates from my classroom so here are some activities I've done with my young learners recently.
  • The Little Train
The Little Train is a story from the Hello Robby Rabbit course. This is how we approached it: we began by listening to The Little Train story. Later the students also acted it out - but not without making the prompts first! Making the little train and the puppets was an effective group work activity while I was assessing individual students.

  • Robots
This is a CLIL lesson and you can find the lesson plan here: Izdelajmo robota (Slovene only). I added The Robot Chant, a lovely TPR activity from Happy Street.

  • Finger Family
I'm sure you're all familiar with the Finger Family song. It's great for learning the words for family members. What you can do to make it more fun when singing it is you take a felt-tip pen and draw little faces on each of your fingers. Now there's a real finger family living on your hand!

  • Paper clowns
This was another group work activity. And our topic? Take a wild guess! Face and body parts, of course. The clowns were later given names and some of the braver students took their shot at describing the clowns (with a little help of their benevolent teacher). Mind you, this activity does take some preparation. Since our time in the classroom is limited and language goals are above content goals, I took the liberty to prepare and drew the body parts in advance. So basically what the students did was cut out the parts and paste them together which allowed us to spend more time on language goals. The students were proud of their work nonetheless and insisted I put their clowns on display.

  • My school
We made origami schools from paper and filled them with different rooms. The one in the first photo is mine - the students used drawing, not writing - and the second one was a surprise for me from one of my students. As I only had an English origami school, she felt I could use a Slovene one, too. :)

That's it for now, I hope it comes in handy. Stay tuned for more updates from my classroom!

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