Sunday, 13 November 2016

Autumn and young learners

Not only is autumn a gorgeous season, it's also incredibly rich with language teaching topics and resources. I already covered my Halloween lessons extensively. Here are some other autumn activities I did with my young learners:

  • Ten Little Indians
After singing the Ten Little Indians song, we made paper headbands in autumn colours and turned into Indians ourselves. We had so much fun producing loud Indian war cries!

Four little Indian boys

  • Mr. Potato Head
Are you familiar with Mr. Potato Head? After learning the One Potato chant, we did a kind of a Maths activity that was used for building Mr. Potato Head. Here's how you do it. I did make a slight adjustment, though. I replaced the Mr. Potato Head pieces with the ones below which I found on Pinterest as those suited our language goals better.

Hello, Mr. Potato head!

  • Counting autumn leaves and sorting them by size and colour

  • Arts and crafts
I stole this photo - and the idea - from my friend Alenka who's always been great with young learners. Many thanks!

I also recommend THIS Facebook page for arts and crafts ideas. The teachers sharing their crafts there are incredibly creative.

  • Autumn food tasting
... is something I'm planning for next year as I just didn't have time to squeeze it in. Well, there's always next year - and next autumn!

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