Friday, 9 January 2015

Useful videos and more - YL

Today I'm sharing links to a few websites, Youtube channels and videos that I find very useful for teaching young learners.

My absolute favourite: Maple Leaf Hashima. It's a Youtube channel and it's got everything from songs and talking flashcards to funny skits. The character everything revolves around is Marty Moose - meet Marty and his friends HERE.

Some other nice Youtube channels for YL students: Super Simple Songs, Kids TV 123, EFL Kids Videos.

As for websites, there are three that I use regularly: British Council Kids for games and videos and Kizclub and Bogglesworld for printables. I use other sites as well but I usually find them via search engines and I rarely bookmark them.

There's also this DVD my YL students love and it's Playway to English - they just can't get enough of Mr Matt stories. Why am I sharing this here? It's now available on Youtube! CLICK

If you're feeling ambitious and you want to make your own customized games and activities for your students, ClassTools might come in handy. Here are a few games I made for my four-graders: CLICK, CLICK and CLICK.

And here's how I set the dates for oral assessment with my students: WHEEL DECIDE!

I hope this comes in handy. I'll finish with a video by Maple Leaf Hashima I used today - we were talking about the weather. Enjoy! :)

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