Thursday, 18 December 2014

'Tis the season!

My classroom is all about holidays these days. And not only because nobody feels like doing anything anymore and we're all day-dreaming about school-free days! The activities that we do are all connected to Christmas and New Year's and winter and whatnot. Yesterday I shared my YL Christmas playlist (HERE) and today I'm sharing some activities I'm about to do with my older students.

We're watching a film.

Yes, I said it. But wait! It's A Christmas Carol. So it's a classic, it's in English and in my classroom, it comes with worksheets which I'm also sharing with you. I found them on and you can download them HERE. We're also going to practise verb tenses which fits well in the whole "spirit of the past, spirit of the present, spirit of the future" concept. In the past, I used to watch the whole movie with my students but I guess that does take too much time, so this year we're watching a shorter version:

Since I'm writing about Christmas topics, let me show you some fresh photos from my classroom!

My classroom walls 

Do students still bring presents???

Some of them do :)

Teachers get hungry, too.

Speaking of gifts, I got this one a few years ago and it's still my favourite student gift. EXCELLENT TEACHER pen!

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